The struggle to get visible stops here!

No more trying to figure out where to start.

No more wondering why others have been able to "make it" online, but you have to hustle your booty off just to get one client.

No more sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be discovered.

Friend, its time you discover yourself!!! And position yourself as the expert you have always been destined to be!

If people don't know you exist, how will they know to pay you?

Visibility is a common issue for a lot of online entrepreneurs.

The fear of being seen is no joke! And figuring out strategy can be frustrating. 

But you don't have to ride the struggle bus anymore! I am here to help!


In this COURSE we will cover:

Brand Perception

Image is everything! How your brand is perceived in the online space makes all the difference. Know how to use all the major marks to you advantage.


Be seen everywhere! Go on a posting blitz so that you are in eyesight of your target market all day, err-day!

Content Creation

What kind of content do you absolutely need to succeed in the online space. What's pillar? What's micro? What can be repurposed?


As an Award Winning YouTuber I know a think or two about video! So of course I had to include it! I will help you make sense of this magical marketing mystery. 


Here is what you will learn during 5 day course:

Day 1: Audit your Social Media and understand your Brand Image in the Online Space

Day 2: How to truly create content that converts

Day 3: How to post, strategically

Day 4: Make Videos that Make $ense! (because video is the way of the future!)

Day 5: Social sales funnels and getting over fear of visibility and how to set up your social so that it works FOR you, not against you.

5 In Depth Video Trainings

5 Days worth of Prompts and Assignments

One extra visible YOU!

By the end of it all, you will be on your way to being a SOCIAL CELEBRITY and an online expert in your field!


More about Dr. Tracy Timberlake

Dr. TT is a 7-Figure, Award Winning Business and Money Mindset Coach. With a doctorate in Education, her research and focus is on mentoring new entrepreneurs and supporting them by showing them how to use social media to position themselves as leaders and experts in their industry.

Dr. TT has spoken on stages across the country and been featured in publications like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, YFS Magazine, The Miami Herald, The South Florida Times, NBC, CBS and dozens of internationally renowned podcasts and radio shows.

"She speaks the truth. Tracy is the best in her field with a never ending drive and determination for her craft and a huge giving heart that she shares with not only her clients but anyone who is willing to passionately strive towards building a life that matters to them. She is the business building mentor that you want in your corner. Trust me."

Jacqueline Jax
Radio Host

"What a genius! The more we talked the more I thought….What a beautiful person. When I asked for her expert business guidance I then thought….What a powerhouse ultimate package of a human being!!!! Her expert advice landed my first 4 figure sale in less than a week ($3000)! Whatever magic she has she needs to bottle it and mail me cases by the hundreds. I am forever a fan."

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