This is the class you have all been waiting for!

How to understand money and wealth from a Biblical and Scientific perspective, get aligned with the currency, and get a mindset that effortlessly calls cashflow into your experience.


FACT: Money is not hard. We are.  We live in belief systems that limit our experiences with the things we truly desire because we don't think they are available to us. 

Do you have habits that repel money and have no idea you are doing it or how to stop? 

Does money seem to come so easily for some, but not you?

What does God say about money?

More specifically, what does God say about YOU having money? 

Maybe you were taught that money was evil and wanting it made you evil too.

Maybe you learned that money "doesn't grow on trees" so you need to be afraid to spend it because its hard to come by.

Maybe you grew up believing that more money meant more problems and earning large amounts of money was hard work.

Maybe you learned that people like you weren't supposed to live an abundant life that included financial freedom. 

What if I told you those were all LIES!?


If you hear a lie enough times, it doesn't matter what the truth is, you start to adopt it as your own personal belief.

Your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create the life you experience.


In other words, your life will always reflect back to you what your dominant beliefs are. 

And it is very easy to figure out what your beliefs around money are right now.

How much money are you making right now? 

Whatever your answer is, that # is the amount you are currently aligned with.

Sure! You may not make much less (we all energetic support levels), you also won't make more until you change your inner beliefs to go beyond your resistance to more.

You haven't made more because at your core you don't believe you can or you don't believe you should. Your current income is a mirror. It is a direct reflection of your money mindset. 


Don't believe me? See if any of this sounds familiar:

  • Is it difficult for you to break income ceilings? Is it hard to get clients to pay you more money? Is it hard to attract new clients at all? Is it difficult to get a raise at work?
    Basically, you can't seem to any more than what you have made in the past?
  • Are you anxious about bills?
  • Do you feel guilty for having debt? And people have told you that your number one goal before you do anything exciting in life should be to pay it off. So, get a 2nd, 3rd, even 4th job, so you resentfully pinch pennies to pay it off.
  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount of debt you have and feel like you are just never going to pay it off?  
  • Do you frequently feel like you never have enough cashflow - like there is always more month than money?
  • Are you terrified that someday you will deplete your savings and all of the money will just be gone? 
  • Do you have to say "no" to things you want or experiences you desire because you don't have the money? Do you often say "I can't afford that."
  • Do you find yourself hoping you'd win the lotto, or inherit some big lump sum of money because that's the only way you can conceive of getting out of your money trouble?
  • Is it hard for you to save money? And even when you are able to save a little, it seems like some emergency expense rears its head causing you to deplete your savings?
  • Do you feel guilty for admitting that you want more money - because there are soooo many things you should be grateful for right?
  • Are you afraid that if you have money, your family and friends will start coming out of the woodwork to ask you for it?
  • Are you finding yourself stuck in an income bracket that you have no desire to be in?

Even if just one of the items listed above rings true for you - you're money mindset off and you may be a money repellent 😲

But I have good news!

First, its not your fault. We learn money mindset at a very early age, often unaware of just how much it affects us in our adult life. 

And even if you are aware of the limiting beliefs around money, you may have not been taught ways to reprogram and reframe.

Second, you can make a new choice. Right here. Right now.  To jump off of the unnecessary, unwanted money struggle bus. 


I have worked with hundreds of men and women to overcome their limiting beliefs around money - because, whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you have come to the point where those old beliefs no longer serve your life's purpose!


A whole heck of a lot of people feel very disempowered by money. 

In turn, making money their source. In turn, not seeing it for what it is. 

My goal is to help you shift your understanding and see that money is a tool that is here to serve you and your life's purpose. 

Money can be used for good! You just have to be willing to see it that way.


Your holiness is not attached to your bank account. Being broke doesn't make you more spiritual.

Want to find out why?


Having more money allows you to be more financially generous. The more you have, the more you can give.

And I can show you why.


Money is here to serve you and your life's purpose. It's is a renewable resource that you get to use.

It's time you learn how!

I didn't always have a good relationship with money. I didn't come from wealth. As a matter of fact, I grew up very middle class and inherited a very middle class mindset that said: money was hard to come by, it requires all this hard work, you should save for a rainy day because rainy days always come, and rich people were all greedy.

I learned a fear-based money mentality that kept me living a life that reflected it. I have been broke, I have lived off of student loans and debt, I have worked jobs I knew I wasn't passionate about because I thought that was the only way to make a living. I even had the electricity turned off on my birthday one year because we couldn't afford to pay it.

And yes, I too had to hold the guac 🥑 because I couldn't afford to spend the extra $4.




So how did it all change?

First, I had to admit that my money mindset was trash. 

Then I had to stop fighting the feeling of guilt and shame that kept me earning small potatoes. 

I learned everything to shift. 

And man oh man, did it shift!

I shifted my thoughts on money. 

I shifted my beliefs about money. 

I shifted the roles and responsibilities money had in my life. 

I shifted what I was taught about money, and spent years learning & understanding what the TRUTH (with a capital T) was about money and finances.

I learned to lean in to my desires and trust God with them. 

I learned what the Bible really said about wealth and used that as a guide to understanding the science of wealth.

That changed EVERYTHING!!!!

Which is why money is probably one of my favorite things to discuss on the planet. Because in the half a decade of being a successful, 7-Figure Business Coach, I find that my clients struggle most with their mindset around this topic. 

And when your money mindset struggles, your earning potential does as well!  It doesn't matter what line of work you are in, you will always be capped by your own limiting beliefs. 

And why be capped, when there is so much more available!


Clients have asked for a specific training on money mindset for YEARS!

Honestly I have held back because...I wasn't sure how it would be received. 

Because its not ALL about the money...And I never want anyone to think it is. 

This is about freedom. This is about trust. This is about living the life you want, not the one you have to settle for.

When you change your mindset around money, you change how money works in your life. 

You watch it start working FOR you, not AGAINST you. 

So...its time!

 I am finally delivering my most powerful class ever.

More than anything I have ever created, The Money Vibes Masterclass Series are my most power-packed lessons on Money and Mindset to date!

You want in on this, trust me!


If you are ready to reframe your thoughts...

If you are ready to reprogram your subconscious beliefs...

If you are ready to step into the financial flow of currency and learn how money works in this world...

If you want to create a mindset to match your desires...

If you want to learn how to stop being a money repellant and start being a money magnet...

If you want to have a Biblical and Scientific vantage point for how this all works...



Next, you register for the Money Vibes Masterclass. 

Then we get busy!!! We have a lot to cover. 

MASTERCLASS: You Past to Present Money Story

Before we align you with your future money goals, we need to clear the clutter from the past. In the first Class you will learn why it is so important to shine a light on what you were taught about money AND learn how to release them and shift into new beliefs that will serve you in the here and now. 


MASTERCLASS: The Theology of Desire


I believe that God has given us a clear blueprint for understanding money. In this class we will take a deeper dive into the Biblical view of money and answer questions like Why do we want money anyway? and What does God say about that desire?

MASTERCLASS: Money is a Vibe

The crux of the Masterclass Series. The entire value investment is worth this class alone! If you know me, you know I love talking science! Let's dive deeper into quantum physics. Lets understand what energy and frequency of money means in real life. When you get this, watch everything around you shift!

Income Expansion and Overflow

Reality is, you aren't going to make more unless you believe you are worthy of more. And this class is all about that! How do you take everything that you have learned and apply it to expand into overflow? Lets make money fun again! 


Anytime I teach on anything mindset, people tell me they me they listen to it everyday...sometimes multiple times a day! Having forever access will allow you to revisit the class (and any updates I add in the future) for FREE!

(VALUE: $500)


Learn how to stack yo' paper! For all of my entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, we take this a step further and talk specifically about you can use what you have learned to create streams of income in your business. 


(VALUE: $297)


Change your thoughts, change your life as Wayne Dyer states. This Bonus is worth its weight in GOLD!

(VALUE: $100)

Do this for you.

Do this for your family.

Do it for your kids.

Just do it!

Money is a tool that you get to use to build the beautiful life that you are so worthy of! 

Money is a resource that you get to give away generously because you know it will only multiply on its way back to you! 

If those statements triggered you because they don't resonate as truth within you at this time, then we have a lot of work to do, don't we!?


What you will gain from these classes will expand your understanding and life's experience far beyond what you expect. 

You will learn to live life from a place where you get to co-create your reality, not from a place where you just get whatever deck is handed to you. 




And yes, you can wait to take the class another time - it will always be available on-demand. 

But this is the ONLY time you will get to do it LIVE with me, answering your questions directly and offering direct support to you in real time!

This is also the only time I am offering it at this price. 

Start making the right money moves now, and join us! 

Still not sure this is for you? Check out the video below:

A final word from Dr. TT



To let go of your limiting beliefs around money and step into a new reality?

To end the struggle, stop resisting, and move into the art of receiving?


To become a vibrational match to expansion?


To make money flow easy...forever!