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Hi! I'm Dr Tracy Timberlake and I built a 7-figure business making online courses and digital coaching experiences. 

I  know the power of leveraging your knowledge and skillset and turning it into a lucrative online business. This is what I do...this is what I teach!

I help people monetize their whole self!

Maybe you have been working in your field for 10 years. Maybe you have a unique gifting that others have wanted to learn too. Maybe you have been wanting to create something, but you aren't sure what sells!

After YEARS of coaching HUNDREDS of clients.
After YEARS of having over 12,000 take my courses and online trainings. 
After YEARS of speaking to people across many different industries. 

I have paid attention - and I have learned what works best in the coaching/consulting industry.

I decided to put them all together for you so you no longer have to wonder. 

Let's take the mystery out of WHAT to create. And let’s actually start creating it!

You bring your genius, I will tell you what works in your industry!

Consider this a digital product tool box. Create one of the products on the list, or create them all! There are 200 to choose from!

The best part about making online courses is once it's done, it's done! Anyone, anywhere can learn from YOU and you get paid for it!

Let me let you in on a little secret, times...they are changing. 

Gone are the days where a college degree and a 40 year career working in a match box office is enough to fulfill you. 

NO! You have a much greater purpose! And that purpose includes YOU being a leader.

You being a teacher. You being a brand

Having an online course is one of the best ways to monetize yourself. It's the best way to take your years of experience and education and make it work overtime FOR YOU!

And imagine all of the people you will get to serve!

So, I have put together a list of 200 Digital Products you can create RIGHT NOW!

Some free, some paid, ALL available for a variety of industries!

If you are a Life Coach...there are products for you to create.
If you are a Health Coach...there are products for you to create.
If you are a Business Coach, Relationship Coach, Author, etc

These products are all digital products/courses that you can create!

This list can honestly be worth its weight in gold...Think about it. 

Creating just ONE of these products can make you an easy $10,000 in 30 days!

But you can access the list of 200 Digital Products for all Industries for only a





Don't you think its time that you all that genius living inside of your head into a digital product, a course, an online program? 

I DO!!! 

But time is of the essence. We don't have the luxury of waiting until next year or even next month!

The industry is constantly moving and making room for new experts to emerge, but you gotta get started ASAP!

Your people need help and they are waiting for you to offer it. Let's not keep them waiting any longer!